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Contacts Review: Fynale J-15

Brand: Fynale
Series: J-15
Color: Blue
Diameter: 14.5 mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.5 mm
Price: $21.90 per pair

I bought these lenses from because the images show that their contact lenses were very vibrant and beautiful! They are a new brand, and is not very popular as of yet. However i just had to get them.
Here is what they advertise them to be:

And here is what they look like : n.jpg _n.jpg _n.jpg n.jpg

Sorry for the photo quality, but i assure you, they are super bright and vivid in color!
They're very comfortable, though some of the other series have water content up to 55%. It does feel kind of dry ish after a couple hours, but that's probably because i don't blink a lot.
Definitely check them out!

Grade: 9/10

You can buy these off of or drop them an e-mail at They also have a facebook page to order off of. As of right now, their official site is not made to handle orders, and these are the only places i know who supply these lenses.

Fynale facebook pages:

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