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Originally Posted by myalchod View Post
Dye remover is typically to get a piece lighter; going from a light purple to a red might leave you a bit of a bluey tone, but shouldn't prevent dye from taking. I've overdyed fabric that was already dyed multiple times in the past, and the existing dyes have never caused a problem for me. That said, using dye remover probably wouldn't make a difference if your fabric's having trouble taking dye; that either points to a flaw in the process or something uncharacteristic with your materials. Did you wash the fabric completely before dyeing? Sometimes the finishes aren't really noticeable but still prevent the dye from taking hold.

If I had to guess, though, the dye not taking at all would suggest to me there's something in your process that might not have gone right. I've not used Dylon personally so I can't hazard a guess as to where, but that's something to consider.
Yes, I've washed the fabric before dying it. I've also done a burns test and I'm fairly sure it is pure cotton.

The funny thing is, I used the same batch of dye to dye some pink Yuna sleeves, and they came out fine. So I'm inclined to think that there's something wrong with the purple fabric.

I've tried to dye it again, using the aforementioned batch, and the fabric seems to only have taken a barely-noticeable tint to it.
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