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Most recent lolita purchases??

I've seen threads like this before and I think they're pretty fun and interesting (because personally, I love seeing what other people have bought, it's almost as fun as buying things for yourself hehe) and I didn't see one here so I decided that I'd start one.

I'm currently waiting for the following items in the mail: (It was my birthday recently so I figured I'd treat myself ;D)

Cherry Cat Skirt in black from Innocent World which is one of my FAVOURITE cat prints (Black isn't usually my favourite colourway for prints but this is one is really cute and I feel that I can match it without owning much black in my wardrobe)

Wonder Trip Regimental Cutsew in pink from Angelic Pretty which was super cute and I just couldn't resist. I've always wanted a cute cutsew.

I got these cute rings, I bought the cat ear one in silver.

Vanilla-Chan JSK replica. I'd love to own the real print one day, but for now I can't resist buying the replica. If you can't tell, I really love cat prints ahaha.

And some blue tea parties from Secret Shop since I've wanted them for ages!!

How about you??
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