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Dyeing 100% polyester and felt

I'm currently trying to darken a 100% polyester vest, and some felt for a cosplay that I'm working on. I need to darken both fabrics to different shades of grey, and I tested using a regular fabric dye on them and it really didn't do much.

I've been looking around, and I do see the tutorials for dying wigs with sharpies, does this apply for things like larger vests and about a yard of felt fabric? I'm a little bit lost.

And on the sharpie method note, I did read somewhere that sense sharpie black isn't exactly black but dark shades of other colors, what should I use to darken my fabric?

I'm making a cosplay based off of the companion cube from portal, if anyone wants a general reference for the colors I'm going for. The vest I have is already grey, but I want it to be darker grey.
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