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Costuming Panels at Mega! Come and learn! PRIZES!

Hi guys, just here to pimp 2 panels that a group of us are running at Mega this year! We'll have door prizes and a raffle for an Arda Wigs gift certificate on Friday!

Cosplay: Above and Beyond-->Friday, 3-5
Learn all about the different techniques that go into creating complex costumes, props, armor, and wigs! Q&A/discussion.

Think It Can't Be Done? -->Sunday, 12p-1p
Is there a costume you'd like to do, but think there's just NO WAY it can be done? Come with your ideas of 'impossible' costumes and discover that you really CAN make everything happen!

Sorry I don't know what room we'll be in....but I'm guessing we'll be in one of the anime track rooms. Check the program guide for more room info at the con.

Next up: Fanime
Audrey Burne (Zeon uniform, Gundam Unicorn)
Malshina (Akibaranger)
Oren Pierre Alfonso (Kamen Rider Gaim)
Marie Antoinette (2001 Takarazuka Rose of Versailles)

Team Awesome <333!!
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