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oh look at me I finally pulled the hanfu out of the closet.
Working on the embroidery and was rather disappointed in myself for the color choice. when you're up close you can see all my hard work but in photos you can't see it. so.... going to try something. I added highlights and shadows to the stitching and asking for opinions and suggestions.
You can see the hanfu here well hopefully... it has the main garment under a test fabric which has all the new detailing [and future details]
should I continue on? or try different colors? Suggestions, ideas?
look Seifer-sama I actually did something ;D

@ Akahime Hello!!! Promise ever so often we pop back up in here but I've only seen helpful ideas and people in here so please fire away with questions! =)
SPOD- here's your "more feathers!" Cake or Death? DEATH PLZE!

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