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I'm guessing the highlighted embroidery would be on the left-most set, which i gotta say is significantly more visible than the rest. It looks so lover-ly! I think the shading idea you had should work out perfectly, it really pops out, like that!

I wish mine was coming out so nice. I've actually made a good bit of progress on my surprise JK, though I have to make some adjustments to the lining of the main "top" so it fits better. My custom-made piping makes a great edge for the collar, I'm just wondering if I shouldn't have made the overall collar smaller, but then again, on this outfit it's actually supposed to be large than my neck. My other dilemma is deciding on which fabric to use as the light contrast for the next part of the outfit. I'm tempted to just go and buy something I like, especially since I'll have to make a trip down to Denver for more skirt fabric, anyways. In the meantime, I suppose I'll finally have to get started on styling my wig...

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