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Originally Posted by CobaltTempest View Post
I thought people who sell cosplays would typically ship with signature confirmation. I guess not all of them. Well, good thing you managed to claim what is rightfully yours. The post just doesn't cut it all the time. I've had a similar thing almost happen to something I ordered from Japan via SAL.
Oh goodness! You really were lucky then!
Funny thing is I ordered through UPS. I'm just guessing the banging I heard on my door WASN'T someone trying to do me harm. heehee Paranoia of living in Baltimore City, I suppose.

As for the actual outfit though, it looks fantastic! The shorts were bigger than I thought though, but that's nothing a belt can't fix. His leg warmers are puzzling me a bit, though. I assume there supposed to go around the thickest part of the calf?
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