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DUUUUUUUUUUDE!!! i just got back from AFEST!


i mean, a-kon was so so this year but afest totally rocked! i saw all my buds and everyone was so cuuuuuute!! and move rocks my world (WHO PARAPARAED?? we had our parapara corner during hte concert XDD) and omg, it was so fun... i never thought afest would be so rad, it was a totally cool hangout con...

anyways, i was LUFFY from One Piece most of the con (Friday to early Sunday), changed in to HONDA TORU from Fruits Basket later Sunday to Monday... i had 4 outfits i brought, but Luffy was just so badass i had to wear him the majority of the con...

anywho, afest rocked!! love you all of you! wahhh so giddy, dont want to return to reality again >.<

and does anyone know who won Anime Idol? just wondering~


okay, i'm seriously going now XD
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