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As someone who is just starting to take commissions.
I am seriously disappointed to see this list of complaints about other commissioners. If you are unable to finish/do the commission then have the balls to say so!!!!

I personal looking into what each commission would require, how much time, is it something I have done before or will it be something new to learn, I send links to my facebook page so that people inquiring can see work I have done in the past.. I tell then my fee and also give them a range as to what the materials would cost and if I happen to low ball that quote the I suck up the difference cause if I quote you that it is going to cost between this much money and that much money then that is what it will cost... I also have who ever I am making the commission for send my the money for the material cost first and I keep all my receipts to show them and if I happened to over quote how much the materials cost then I deduct what I have left from that money as to what they owe me for my fee...
example material cost quote was $300-$500, fee was $500, actual material cost was $350, was sent $500 for materials so the balance owed to me is $350...
I also do progress shots or a quick email every 10 days or so...and I ship out or deliver the completed piece once I have received the last of the money...
I also for those who can travel to me do at least 2 or 3 fittings at my place.
Once I receive the money for materials I send an email telling them that I have received the first payment and will send another email/pics within 2 weeks.

So on behalf of all the valid and honest commissioners out there. I apologies to those of you that have had the disappointment of dealing with an unreliable commissioner, and hope that you have a better commissioning experience in the future.

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