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Originally Posted by gambit86 View Post
Actually dabiddabird, I've gotten the files and am starting work on mine. I do have a few specific questions for you since you've started.
1: Is using High Temp hot glue necessary? Or can you use the normal sticks and gun?
2: How do you best determine the angles you need to cut for the edges of the foam? By eye or what?
3: Is making the chest brace necessary? I'm seeing a number of builds but I'm not finding the bracing system, is it hidden or can I skip that part?

Thanks, and I hope this can answer a few questions for Dany as well.
Sorry this is way late. I havent been on for such a long time.
1. The high temp seems to bond better you can try the low temp ones but not sure how well that would hold up during wear.
2. You are right its all about visual reference. Try to find as many high quality shots of the suit and do your best to mimic the angles.
3. Some people make the brace others dont. Its not really necessary. You can just fill in the collar area with pieces of foam. The brace is mostly used by people who make the suit out of fiberglass.

Again sorry for the late reply.
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