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Originally Posted by SweeneyTodd View Post
My friends are planning a BBC Sherlock cosplay. They are having problems with Sherlock's coat as well. So one of my friends decided to do his pajamas (blue robe, grey shirt, pajama pants), and now she's having problems finding correct lightly striped PJ pants. Oh the difficulties of cosplay xD
Pajama version sounds awesome!!

Originally Posted by ioniafreak View Post
I am working on a John Watson cosplay right now~ My wig is a little blonder then being accurate, but i may use it anyway~ I just got a buttoned up shirt and a sweater for it today.
I'm thinking about getting the coscom "super short" in "cool ash blonde" for my Watson. Freeman has a really interesting (read: difficult to find) hair color. I can't find ultra short wigs easily :S

Dude, this thread is turning out awesome.
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