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Tales of Series Cosplay Gathering 2012

And I'm back again for 2012's Tales of Gathering at Metrocon. Thank you again to everyone who showed up last year! Not as big as the previous year, but still a good turn-up! Let's see if we can bring back the numbers this year as this is a big year for the Tales of series after all.

This post will be updated as new information comes in.

[Photographer] - ???
[Times and days]: TBA

Tales of Panel
Friday: 11-1pm [Screening/Demo Day] Room 19
Saturday: 7-9pm [Main Panel] Room 19

PrincessPao - [Tear]

I'm switching times and day around a bit this year for the panel. I want a breather on Sunday so I'm moving the standard screening day to Friday this time instead of Sunday. As for the photoshoot, I plan to have one on Saturday again as usual or Friday. Really need to work on getting ourselves a photographer too lol.

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