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Originally Posted by laughingdeath View Post
So.. I'm thinking I'm just going to make fake buckles and have velcro closing them instead.
I did something similar to this and it works quite nicely. On the very end of the strap, past the buckle where the end piece is, I sewed in velcro and the other piece of velcro where it should attach to the other part of the strop. I have a fake metal piece is glued on the proper side so it hides the stitches wonderfully. Using real buckles is a bit of a hassle to begin with, due to the fact that they are: A- expensive compared to the entire cost of the boot and B- usually restrict the size that the strap can be. Because the velcro is sewed to the strap (made out of vinyl) rather than just glued, I don't have to worry about the velcro coming apart.
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