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Originally Posted by lolacolabunny View Post
Will I be able to save a spot? I will give exact details either tomorrow (Tues. 21st) or Wednesday. I just need to contact some friends to make sure they are willing to join.

If I am allowed to do this, can you please save me the Knight square on side Chaos? (just one square)
If you can't save, then I will give you all details as soon as I can!
Unfortunately we're not taking reservations for spots as it wouldn't be fair to others who want to join in. Sorry for the inconvenience but this is actually being done on a first come first serve basis. But hey, look at this way, if you can provide me with the details as soon as you can, then you might even get the spot that you want

Originally Posted by DawningtheMask View Post
This is the first time playing, and my friend and I were wondering how we will be recognized as players at the event. What I mean to ask is if there is some sort of print out or ticket we need to present.
What's going to happen is that during check-in, all you need to do is tell the Admission persons who you and your friend are which involves your characters and player name and that way we can sign you in. I will also be one of the persons during check-in and if you still feel that there might be some confusion, you can PM me a pic of your character along with friends' and I'll keep it with me in my files. Hope that answers your question.
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