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I think your lighting showed the colors of the costumes just fine, especially on the white costume. The skin tones looked very natural. I don't necessarily agree with Ashurachan that is the inherent job of the photographer to use color-accurate lighting. That is mainly important in product photography so the costumers gets what they expect. In a creative field like cosplay photography, go with what you choose, unless the cosplayer is paying you to do it a certain way.

The magenta light on the background, combined with the slightly cool spot of light had a nice background effect. It looked especially good with the white costume, but the dark costume seemed it could benefit from something different; darker perhaps. Also, it seems you had a space limitation, causing the model to get bathed in that magenta light. If she is going to be in that light, I think a neutral, colored rim light would have a better effect to separate from the background. A contrasting color should also work well.

The straight-on back shots and close ups seem like product shots, rather than cosplay. It helped a lot when you had the cosplayer turn her head to a profile, showing her character. A full-on back shot would work better on a location, when we can see what the cosplayer is looking at. The back shot in the dark costume has an odd angle on her left wing. It seems like she got stabbed by an arrow, rather than it being one of her wings.

There is one shot when I can see part of the cosplayers real hair, in the dark costume photos.

Your photos do have an over-all feeling of professionalism. Try to experiment more with the lighting on the people and the backgrounds. Work on more poses and expressions that fit the character.

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