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Originally Posted by brucer007 View Post
I think your lighting showed the colors of the costumes just fine, especially on the white costume. The skin tones looked very natural. I don't necessarily agree with Ashurachan that is the inherent job of the photographer to use color-accurate lighting. That is mainly important in product photography so the costumers gets what they expect. In a creative field like cosplay photography, go with what you choose, unless the cosplayer is paying you to do it a certain way.
My point was that with the rather plain looking poses, this shoot looked like product shots of the costumes. All cosplayers want some photos that just show their work, and this seemed the main reason behind these shots. When I shoot a cosplayer in studio there's always at least a few full body shots to show the costume, because it is simply expected.

One thing I forgot to talk about is post-processing, I find it to lack a bit of contrast, especially for the Paine costume - deeper blacks would look nicer.
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