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Your Favorite Photoshoot Location

So, I am currently on vacation (Madrid, Spain) and I have been thinking lately, that the places that I have been to had great cosplay photoshoot locations (I travel a lot, been to Spain, Portugal, England, Ireland, China, Italy, France, Singapore, Australia). So this has made me want to present you guys with this question.
Out of all the places that you have had photoshoots at, which place was your favorite? Or, which location would you really love to shoot at?
It would be awesome if you could include links to photos (your own, or location photos from online) in your posts as I would love to see some different locations
Also, if anyone could point me to some good locations in Europe (major cities) for my own photoshoots that would also be great.

My favorite place so far, obviously, would be London. Just because that city had so many great buildings and small alley ways that were perfect for video shooting and cosplay photos for my Sweeney cosplay
Unfortunately I don't have great photos of that location because I mainly just shot parts of my Sweeney remakes there, but yea.

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