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Name of Merchant: aka Hair to Wigs


Item purchased (please include quantity): Wig clamp and wig stand

Links to picture(s) of your received item

Timeline (how long your order took to process) ordered 1/16/12 received 2/22/12

Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments.
Ordered products on 1/16 and per the website due to fraudulent transactions they take 1-2 weeks to verify the order is legitimate and then 7-10 days to ship in the US. Figured that worked on my timeline as I needed to finish some parts of the costume before I started on wig styling. On 1/26 I check the account to see the status on my order, it is lasted as "final processing" and noted at this stage it is too late to change or cancel the order.

I also noticed there was a different order on my account, it was for a "Jane Doe" in a different state. I could see her name address and what she ordered and her method of payment. I called the company to tell them about this error, and they sent me an email saying my order is in progress and they will email me when it ships. I responded that I did not email regarding my order, but that I could see another customer's order, and I wanted that changed and was concerned that other customers could see my information. Their response was they were changing servers and would correct the error eventually.

On 2/21 I checked my order status again and it was still at "final stages of processing", I emailed the company stating my concerns that I ordered my items over a month ago and wanted an ETA on the items. Received an email saying one item was out of stock and it would be cancelled and my credit card credited for the amount and the other item will be shipped. I later received emails stating my order has been shipped and one item has been cancelled, and another stating my credit card has been credited. I checked with my credit card company and the amount they claim was credited to my account was credited.

My styrofoam head holder arrived in the mail this morning. It was intact, but it is fairly obvious they just tossed it into a USPS first class envelope and tossed it in the mail. I'm just glad it's not a fragile item.

Final Grade
: D-

Customer service was non existent, I had to email them to learn anything about my order status. I had no knowledge that one of my items was out of stock and the company did not give me the option of cancelling the out of stock item or waiting until it was in stock to complete the order. I had access to another customer's order information, and the company did not seem concerned about this at all.

When dealing with this company one of my first thoughts was to warn the cosplay community to avoid this company like the plague.
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