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Maya (Borderlands 2) cosplay help

Hey there,

EDIT: 200+ views and not a single reply....according to the forum this thread is "hot" but no one is answering, am I in the wrong section or something? can someone please help???

I didn't want to start 5 different threads, so i'm posting all my questions in here. but if I should be doing this then please let me know. Alternatively, would asking specific questions in their respective sections get me more answers, since people who specialize in that area might be in that section more...?

anyways, I'm cosplaying this girl:

Right now I'm collecting materials. I've decided to use a black nylon catsuit (yeah, har har, don't ask how I got it, It was a very awkward store to be in, worst kinky shop ever) for her shirt, Cutting off the left arm and legs of the suit, and sewing onto that a yellow material.

This is my largest issue right now. I'm sub-par at sewing, I know enough for minor repairs. I need to know what material I should be looking for. Ideas? Yellow Nylon...? I don't want it to be shiny like the catsuit, so something matte. Also, how to sew it on so it doesn't look like I tore a piece of fabric and stabbed a needle and thread into it until it stuck.

I'm going to make the book into a sort of book safe if I have the time, I'll use a cut-down belt to wrap it and hang it from my actual costume's belt.

I'm going to dye and cut my hair for this, but I'm not sure if I can get the right color. Anyone have insight? I'll probably go to a pro...

I thought I'd use some kind of paint for the markings on her arm. Something bright/glossy, and skin safe. suggestions are helpful.

She has ankle ties or belts over her jeans, I can solve that easily, I have equipment like hers. and I have Army boots I thought I would use but they are solid black, it's the one thing I'm considering that wouldn't be true to the character so far, but alternatives would be sooo helpful.

As for make up she has blue eye shadow and lipstick, easily solved.

for the gun, I've been thinking of buying a cheap toy gun, spraypainting it black and then splattering it with the same colors for the camo effect.

ideas/techniques/suggestions, anyone? anything you would do different? I'm open to whatever.

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