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Ok. First off sry for spelling errors on mobile phone. Second im new on this site n am wondering if I could get some help bout a costume I want on fplusf. Ima male n I am looking to buy their classic joker costume n I would like any pointers on buying a male costume from fplusf. I've read majority of the pages in thos thread and I c a lot of hit or miss being said wen it comes to alot of women purchasing skirts n such but no real male experience from fplusf. I live in the us n im trying to go to the april. So im wondering if I order during the second week of march how long would it take to be made n shipped to me. Also bout sizing would it be smarter to go out n get fitted for a suit or go wit the template sizes?also dealing with lentgh what is their standard length for a male is it the same as for a female? Im 5'8 so im wondering if the template height be a prob. And will the costume look the way it looks in the pic? Please help would b great,y appreciated thanx.
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