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Originally Posted by BlondeSwan View Post
Sorry this isnt a suggestion but I love that picture you posted, you look really good in it! :3
Aww, thank you!! And I saw that you wanted suggestions in a previous post, too, so I'll just suggest some here instead of making a new post.
I think you'd look really good as Aria Link from Letter Bee and Black Canary from Green Arrow(If you're ok doing cosplay from comics). And you do remind me a bit of Nico Robin from One Piece. I actually think she is 5'9 or maby she is even taller than that, so I bet you would look great as her!

Originally Posted by LluviaSarcasm View Post
Gah, so gorgeos, it makes me resent you! (No, I don't really resent you.)
Karina Lyle from Tiger & Bunny
Lal Mirch from Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Dead Master from BRS
Clare from Claymore
Mayoko Okino and Benten from Zone-00
Homura Akemi from Madoka Magica
Kurenai Yuuhi from Naruto
Kagura Sohma from Fruits Basket
Aradia Megido from Homestuck
Alleyne from Queen's Blade

.....and I could probably think of plenty more, if someone doesn't stop me fast! *A*
aaah, thank you!! (I kind of resent you a bit, too, every time I look at you avatar.. So pretty!)
And thanks for the suggestions! I like all of them (and I'm really picky!) I've alreday done Dead Master, but I will definetly cosplay some of those you suggested in the future!
Thanks again! And if you want some suggestions, too, just shout out!
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