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Originally Posted by Cherry Boy
AnimeFest was so much fun. I had an Uber-Blast. I am Glad You liked Our Skit Baku_Neko. I was the Shino, and my Friend Paul was the Goku Against Violence. MOVE was awsome in Concert. I met so many cool people. I wish it was longer, I didn't want to leave.
GAAAAAAAH! That was you! That was really cool! I love Shino! I love all the Naruto cosplayers! Cherry, you were the Sasuke! YAY ^_^. That was really awesome. Does anyone know who the Haku was?? I glomped the shmoo outta him, man. I love me some Haku.

You guys probably saw me as the crazy chick with the Hidden Sound Village headband blasting out random anime music with my little speaker. I wish I coulda had a costume in time, but I didn't even know I was going til a week before ^_^. I'm so happy I saw a lot of people! Trinity, Tenya Muyo, Gren, RuthlessJS, MTLX7, accelagirl and probably everyone else but I'm still really sleepy from the con so I can't remember all too well ^_^;
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