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Originally Posted by KnightJeran View Post
Eeeee crownjewel!Moriarty! That will be so awesome! :3 The world needs more Moriartys. (<-- feels weird to say that lol)

I'm still having trouble with Sherlock's wig. I'm leaning towards prestyled, because his hair is too messy and curly that I would totally mess it up. I kinda like, I could steam-relax the top to be a little flatter and style it and the bangs. Opinions? Unless you have any tips on how to curl a wig from Arda or coscom. I'm trying to avoid the super curly, poofy hairstyle.

Damn you, Sherlock! Why is your hair baffling?
i think that wig would work great! hell even as is. I personally like Sherlock's hair all poofy.
Sleepy sherlock.
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