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wrong forum..this should probably go in the review forum i think, but anyway, that is kinda scetchy that they are on every day but not responding, but it doesnt mean your for sure being scammed. i am having the same thing happen, but with another commissioner, he just takes a while cuz he may get on and have a million PMs, that could be whats going on, just keep trying, but dont be rude, and if before the 45 day mark, you feel your still being scammed, i say file a claim. but, give it about another week or so just in case, maybe 2. you never know, they could answer

but im guessing you paid as a gift on paypal like they all ask for, so its harder to file, so words of advice, in the case of sending it as a gift, call them to file the claim. they wont do it otherwise. you actually have to call them and explain to a real person what hapened, or they wont care.
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