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Originally Posted by SurgeonXJAKE View Post
Id do it. That is if im going. I havent decided yet if ill be going to Metro this year, but if I did Id probubly do a L4D (Left 4 Dead) Character atleast one of the days. (Either Ellis, A Hunter, or a Screamer.)

Id also have two friends with me, whom we havent decided on what group cosplay we'd be doing for atleast one of the days, so that would give you some group practice too.

If thats of any intrest to you, feel free to hit me up about it.
^.^ That'd be very awesome then. So you should tell me when your sure, also a day your available for a shoot and i'll think of possible times we could do it. Also, i'll be there Thursday-Monday (morning) so on Thursday if you decide you want a shoot I can scavenge around for a good Zombie-Hunter shoot.
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