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Name of Commissioner: Barrie Young/Reaver/

Website/ gallery:

Character commissioned and series/video game: Pinkie Pie Launcher for a Pinkie Pie Costume from My Little Pony

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: --- No picture of actual item. It was never done.

Timeline: Paid on Dec 22. Asked for it to be done before February. He said he can finish it either mid - January to February. He refunded me today (Feb 28) after I emailed him.

Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments: All I wanted was to have the Pinkie Pie Launcher done for my Pinkie Pie costume. I just wanted the gun done. This seller emailed me saying he can finish it at my time frame. He was really nice in his email and he said that he will give me picture updates on the process until it is done. He gave me his website and said he is a professional prop commissioner. Okay sounds good. He said it will cost $80.00 to make this. I agreed and paid him on Dec 22. I waited and waited to hear anything about the prop. My convention I was attending to was the end of January. Mid January I finally emailed him. He said he didn't start on it and will do so and he will get it finished in a week or so. Waited for a week...the week of the convention...emailed him again and he said he will try to send it out soon and show me pictures. I never had any pictures or any communication after that. I did email him saying I want the prop done at least before my NEXT convention. He still did not email me. So I waited about 3 weeks. I just emailed him 2 days ago expressing my frustration and concern. His excuse to me was he got into an accident and will start the prop soon. And of course today he refunded my money and basically told me my order was canceled and "Have a nice day." Seriously? He kept my money for 2 months and did not contact me. If I did not email him, he would have not contacted me. I am angry and disappointed because it seem like so many people that say they can finish a commission are not doing so. If you can't make it please do not contact me. It is a waste of time and I am angry that I did not have this for my convention.

Final Grade: F-
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