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Originally Posted by SweeneyTodd View Post
Ashurachan- Those photos are amazing! Lovely locations and cosplays!
I understand about the restricted locations. Most historical areas and fancy buildings don't enjoy people taking photos, especially people in costume.
The problem is mostly with Paris and other very touristy places. Privately owned castles are generally easier, for example the castle of Vaux-le-Vicomte, that inspired Versailles, is privately owned and is a lot more opened to people who want to have a shoot in the gardens (actually in 90% of historical films, if a scene is supposed to be in the Versailles gardens, chances are it was shot in Vaux, the gardens are very similar), and they like costumers (they host a big historical costume event each year).

The less well-known it is, the easier it becomes to get to shoot. In the Paris area quite a lot of interesting places are manageable if you ask in advance (and shoot, for example, on the day they're closed) ; outside of Paris being polite can be enough, especially with nice costumes. And there are a lot of nice parks that are freely accessible (not in Paris directly, but just a few miles away there are places like Sceaux that look gorgeous and don't mind private shoots at all).
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