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Originally Posted by Starwind824 View Post
<< Superboy
<< Costume

LOL, not to come off as a jerk, but yeah, I'm good. All I need to do is get in some better shape and dye my hair black as we get closer to D*C.
Hahaha, okay fair point. Just checking! (I left a note for you bellow, but I wanted to address both of you with it.)

Originally Posted by endo500 View Post
Hey guys. Even though I'm not putting together all the pieces of aqualad just yet I have planned out the entire project.

I got some wetsuit material to make the black pants out of. I'm going to get a brown pair of the shoes with toes on them to wear. I'm also going to try to create a way to connect el wire to black muscle tape that athletes use. That way it will look like the arm bands are glowing like the do on aqualad just before he pulls them off.

I just haven't decided how I want to do the shirt if i want it to be made out of wetsuit material as well or make it something different. I still have 5 months to decide so no rush.

I'm in the same boat as starwind i need to work out more as well.
Plans are great! A wetsuit is probably a good idea. The shoes are also a really great idea-- I hadn't even been thinking about what to do about the barefoot thing. It's a clever solution. I'm not familiar with the muscle tape, but you seem to have put a lot of thought into it and it'll be really, really cool if you can pull it off.

Kaldur's shirt is really high gloss, and I don't think a wetsuit material could replicate that really well. It might not be a bad idea, though, because it's a pretty indeterminate fabric. I can't think of any fabric that'd keep a wet-look without looking too flimsy, so it might just be best to stick with the theme. There's the problems of keeping your body a comfortable temperature, though... I guess it being sleeveless should help. I'm not very familiar with wetsuits, either...

Did you have plans for the webbing in his hands or his gills?

@Both of you - There's something called N.O. Shotgun you can pick up at GNC that may or may not be a good investment. I'm not horrifically familiar with it, but a friend suggested it's good for this kind of thing. It might be wise to research the pros and cons if you decide to go for it, though. I just stick with good old protein shakes and avoid sodas and sugar heavy things.
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