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Originally Posted by Static_ATL View Post
Any use for Static? I know he is not Young Justice but he was a Teen Titan.

No hard feelings if he is not a character you were looking for.

This will be my first DragonCon even though I live in Atlanta and my first cosplay. However I am a graphic designer, I'm not foreign to projects like this. My brother and I decided we would try cosplaying but we want to do it WELL. I will be going as Static and he will be trying Black Panther. The version of Static I am attempting is the Teen Titans/Terror Titans version from the comic book. I already have dreadlocks. I haven't purchased anything for the costume yet but I pretty much know how I am going to pull it off.
Hmm, well I won't turn you away, but you wouldn't have a chance to be in all our photos. Still, you're more then welcome to join us for some out of canon ones! Marching in the parade with us (I dunno how many of us are planning on that yet,) could also be a bit strange... (You might also want to check out the link in the first post for the great big comic book photoshoots. Black Panther is Marvel, though, so that could cause you some problems with that because I believe they aren't taking photos at the same time.)

So! In the long and short of it, you don't quite fit in with the group but I'm not personally against taking some out of canon (YJA canon, anyway, hahaha) shots. Feel free to stick around, and I'll list you as out-of-canon for photoshoot purposes if you'd like. I'm also more then happy to offer assistance with costuming if you need help.
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