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Originally Posted by Static_ATL View Post
Any use for Static? I know he is not Young Justice but he was a Teen Titan.

No hard feelings if he is not a character you were looking for.

This will be my first DragonCon even though I live in Atlanta and my first cosplay. However I am a graphic designer, I'm not foreign to projects like this. My brother and I decided we would try cosplaying but we want to do it WELL. I will be going as Static and he will be trying Black Panther. The version of Static I am attempting is the Teen Titans/Terror Titans version from the comic book. I already have dreadlocks. I haven't purchased anything for the costume yet but I pretty much know how I am going to pull it off.
Hey guys always glad to see another new member in cosplay community. Let me know if I can provide any suggestions or ideas about your costumes. Also my best advice for you is to start early on your costumes and set a goal of finishing the costume 1 month in advance. That way you can test it out if anything goes wrong and spend the extra time to add some extra polish to your costume.
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