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Also, totally late on this, but I figure I should give a rundown of how my costume is going along/my plans.

I already had a custom leather mask made, and I'm going to stretch some white fabric over the eyes to achieve the proper effect. This will be attached to my face with the use of pros-aide. My hair will be grown to the proper length and dyed black.

I'll be buying a black unitard to wear, the sleeves trimmed down to proportion. The shirt and cape will be sewn by me out of an as of yet undetermined fabric. Boots will be purchased and modified as needed, as will the gloves. (I'm not sure how to deal with plastic fittings. It could take a bit of work, and... probably a lot of changed plans. Yikes.)

The utility belt will be a mix of purchased items and ones crafted by my hands. I'm hoping to make one that'll actually have use for the con, hahaha. I don't want to have to carry around a bag all day while in costume.

Batarangs will also be hand crafted from wood by myself, painted and possibly (though unlikely) have an LED inlay. Escrima sticks may also may an appearance, but are not planned as of yet.

And as I've stated earlier, I have been practicing my gymnastics and hitting up the gym to achieve the right level of physical fitness. I'm still brushing dust off my gymnastics, but I have time to get it down.

(Sob, I miss soda and fast food already.)
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