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Filthy Commissions

The commissioner I commissioned was Filthy Commissions, their website is and I got commissioned some BJD clothes of Sebastian Michealis from Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji)

Let me first state that even though I commissioned BJD clothes, he also makes a lot of normal cosplays as well. I first commissioned him back in august for the bjd costume for my best friend for he birthday in october. I figured it wouldn't be much of a problem because it's not as hard as normal costumes and he lived in the states so it would mean no international shipping. October came around and he said he had to extend the deadline because the commission before me changed their mind...but I was going to be next. Months went by, I would email him occasionally wondering on progress and I would have to email him 3 TIMES before he replied. And he always came up with an excuse on why he hasn't even STARTED the commission yet (yes, I already paid half at this point) such as I was helping my mom move, I was in the hospital, I haven't checked my email ect.

Finally about a few days ago I asked him if the commission was even STARTED yet....Keep in mind I commissioned this back in this BACK IN AUGUST AND IT IS NOW MARCH MAKING IT 7-8 MONTHS AFTER I COMMISSIONED IT and he STILL DIDN'T START IT with the excuse that he had 2 other orders before mine that he still had to finish up and that THEY kept changing their mind. Finally I emailed him about 5 times asking for him to send me a refund and I finally got it.

He was a very sweet guy, but that doesn't account for all his excuses and not starting my commission after 7-8 months in.

Final Grade: F
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