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Review: Count Aka/Aka Cosplay

I know this is supposed to be threads based on personal experience but I've offered to go about placing this review here for her since she doesn't have an account here and doesn't live in the states to attend many cons to really use for planning. Now for this, I've yet to commission from this person myself but I have seen his work before. It looks pretty decent and well crafted so my friend made a commission to Count Aka/Aka cosplay. She ordered to have commissioned Pinkie Pie's Gala Dress like so: 0519317_n.jpg

She paid $300 for this commission plus $60 expedited shipping for it to get here by Katsucon 2012. This was the final product before shipment: 777710_n.jpg

But then complications happened. It was apparently caught up in customs at NY for a good few days, missing the expedited 3-5 day deadline, and when it finally arrived to the address given, she was already on her way to Katsucon by flight. When she returned home to finally receive the package and see if the $360 was worth the commission, she gotten this instead:

It definitely isn't anything like the picture given. Cause of how ruined it is, she can't even get around to altering it to fit her properly cause the stitching is falling apart so badly and not even properly maintained to be altered. She have given the measurements three times to Aka, the address to the military base where she was stationed as it should have been written and had high hopes that the dress would turn out as it showed in the pictures he sent before shipping. But it didn't and now she is highly disappointed that her commission turned out like this.

I can't very well say to not commission from this person but I do advise to be wary about it and make sure that everything is written clearly to Aka so that mistakes like this won't happen to others.

Final Grade: D-
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