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Bought two wigs from them. :3 Both wigs were pretty good but they don't have much volume on the crown, which isn't good for me 'cause I have a really round, pudgy face. XD I received them very fast, maybe it's 'cause I live in PA. But I got them within a week or two. Very fast shipping.

Vocal Singing Genius Dancer wig
FB album with my niece wearing the wig (bought it for her).
The Vocal Genius Singer Dancer wig was nice. The twin tails don't tangle badly and it's a very comfortable wig. Nice color, good feel (soft). But the back of the wig doesn't cover the hairs at the back of the neck well. Minus that, it's a pretty good wig.

Cocky Commander General Snap Wig
My FB album (obviously the black wig is the subject) with the wig in various shots.
I completely tricked everyone with this when I spent a day in the wig. Everyone thought it was real. But it didn't feel like real hair to the touch (a rather plastic-y feel). It was comfortable to wear, but it kept slipping back when I was wearing a hat over it (for Abe Takaya from Oofuri). I'm pretty sure the hat wasn't that heavy, but I guess maybe some bobby pins would've helped to attach the wig to my wig cap or something. Doesn't really spike up that well. Maybe it's 'cause I used hairspray on it, but the texture of the wig completely changed. Before it was very fluffy and soft, but now it's just thick and hard. I don't use it anymore. XD
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