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1. i dont think the bright glare on the upper left works i think its kinda distracting at least for me. maybe if as less it would have work better. the back round is great and goes well with the char.

2. i also think the location is really good. dont worry about the wristband i would have never notice if you did not point it out. i do like she is not looking at you but to much white from the eyes.

3. everything is great for me in the picture but the sighn in the back round its very very distracting.

4. i think this best picture even though the people are in the back round. its easy to avoid that problem have them stand againt a well...also you can crop the picture and take out some people from the back round or blur the back round helps as well.

5. i agree with the other person that black table in the back needs to go...also i would try to lite up her face a little more the pose and rest of the back round works great.
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