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wow, I need to check here more often x.x

Originally Posted by NerdyNinjaSaur View Post
@Monniemoo Thanks these are my first ever horns and so far they seem to be turning out fine so I'm glad. And I've seen some people who have made their horns curve way too far in my opinion. So I decided to settle for an in between style, because his poofy hair should distract from the bottom part anyway. It won't be too noticeable I hope.
As far as your teeth issue goes I don't really think it will matter if you have a different style from your girlfriend. I imagine every troll would have different teeth anyway so it shouldn't be an issue. Everyone was kinda original in my opinion you know? So don't worry too much, instead do whatever works best for you.
I don't think that the Gamzee horns will be a problem! I think they'll be pretty darn recognizable ^.^

Thanks, you're probably right...I just get so worried about the details >.< But yea you're right, every troll is different, so we don't need to be identical!

Originally Posted by Lauriana View Post
@monniemoo I don't think it would matter if you two hand different fangs, and denture sealent? its safe to put in your mouth and it might hold better
Oh, didn't think of that! Definite possibility, plus it'll be more widely available...I will look into that, thanks! ^.^

I have another question! Here, you can see a photograph of on the left, the tights I purchased and have been making troll gloves out of, and on the right, leggings of the same material that I estimate to be proper troll skin color. As you can see, the color of the tights I purchased is a few shades darker than that of the troll skin color. I will be mixing the face paint to match the gloves how weird would it be if our (Signless and Disciple) gray was darker than the gray of other trolls? I feel like this would be less weird since they're ancestors, but I'm not sure.

This becomes more of an issue when it comes to her Terezi cosplay. I want her to be able to use the same face paint for both, so we don't have to mix two separate concoctions, but I feel like it'd be weird for her to have too dark a gray.

Does it even matter? Are the grays even really that different? Have I just gone off the deep end because I can't do anything for these cosplays except make gloves right now?
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