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Originally Posted by Monniemoo View Post
Thanks, you're probably right...I just get so worried about the details >.< But yea you're right, every troll is different, so we don't need to be iI have another question! Here, you can see a photograph of on the left, the tights I purchased and have been making troll gloves out of, and on the right, leggings of the same material that I estimate to be proper troll skin color. As you can see, the color of the tights I purchased is a few shades darker than that of the troll skin color. I will be mixing the face paint to match the gloves how weird would it be if our (Signless and Disciple) gray was darker than the gray of other trolls? I feel like this would be less weird since they're ancestors, but I'm not sure.
I don't think it should be a problem if the gray is bit darker than usual. I f you look at pictures of meets, there are generally a variety of differently shade Trolls.

And thanks to everyone for the suggestions! I've decided on Kanaya, though I'll probably end up cosplaying Aradia too~
Also, today I went thrifting and found a skirt for Jade (though it's a bit more 'flowy' than I'd like), which means I only need to style the wig and get the shirt/shoes!
This is so exciting!

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