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Name of Commissioner: ProCosplay
Website/ gallery:
Character commissioned and series/video game: Ciel Phantomhive, Sebastian Michaelis, and Grell Sutcliffe from Black Butler (full costumes)
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: Coming soon.
Timeline (how long your order took to process): About 2 to 3 weeks.
Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments: We picked this site because not only did the costumes look quality, but the price was good. We ordered them with no problems. When we got them, they looked good in the bags.

A few things though; They didn't come with everything they said would come with them, for example the headpiece that came with my Ciel costume was suppose to be a headband like in the pictures, but all I got was a black flower with a hair tie on it. Also the Sebastian costume didn't come with gloves. These things aren't too big of a deal to us though.

The only other problem I had was that some of the pieces were safety pinned on, as opposed to being actually sewn on. Again, not a big deal, just slightly annoying.

We also had some fitting problems but that was our own fault since we didn't measure quite right. Lastly, the vest on the Sebastian costume was suppose to be dark grey, but for some reason came in a brown vest.

Final Grade: B+ - While some little pieces were missing and some things weren't sewn on, the quality was great. They're comfortable and well made. I'd recommend them, but be warned that you might not get everything they promise.
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