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People, people, I love that you are all interested in the game/photoshoot, but could you keep the photoshoot conversations over in the photoshoot thread? ^.^

As far as we know, this game is still happening. It turns out that my email address is hated/has a hate on for all things internet, and thus, massive hole in communications (no ones fault really, as far as I see it. Technology isn't always perfect). So, we are trying hard to make up for the lack of notice about this game and just doing the best we can with what we have.

So, yeah ^.^ The game is most likely going to be on Sunday, from the looks of it, but nothing confirmed as of yet.

I have added to my list of cosplay things I do:
Ducttape, Glue gun ,Heat'n'bond
Plushie Version EVERYTHING!
poo flinger! FLING!
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