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1. I think the sky is very distracting and bright so my focus goes up there where the person is is dark and i am not sure what they are cosplaying.

2. its a cool photo but again as cosplay i dont know who it is. it can be a random person in a hat. maybe light up the person more next time.

3. i know what your trying to do here but you loose focus on the two focus was on the hands. you should have the people clear as well then blur the backround.

4. i think this was the best photo out of all of them. good color angle was differnt but good the sword leads up to the person.

5. this is have some very bright highlighs on the upper and bottom left corners that can distract people...also on the left there is to much space not used...maybe more closer photo of him would have worked better.

hope this helps for future shoots. i think its very important to get people faces and what they are wearing and have less distracting things leading away from you people.
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