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@Seifer - thanks! XD My list has grown though of characters I want to do from the classic games....

Full list of classic FF I want to do:
White Mage (I)
Black Mage (I)
Hilda (II)
Maria (II)
Firion - CG opening of remake (II)
Luneth (III)
CoD (III) - I'm DEFINITELY making her this summer
Rydia (IV)
Bartz Klauser (V)
Kefka Palazzo - CG/sprite/Dissidia/Amano combination (VI) - next year!!!
Setzer Gabbiani - Amano (VI)
Relm (VI)

I'm quite thrilled about making CoD, all the fabric is recycled!! I'll make her sometime in July or August. Likely August so that I can dedicate July to my Odin Sphere cosplay (which is secret only to my boyfriend because it's a surprise for him :P)
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