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Bruce Heinsius
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1) Pose looks stiff. Cosplayer blends in with the dark trees. Her face is too dark. The clouds are too bright. This image could be improved through editing in photoshop.

2) The clouds and sun look interesting. The silhouette of the cosplayer is not well defined do to getting lost in the dark sky and trees. Even if the cosplayer had a brighter background, the pose would not reveal much about the costume or the character. I side angle might work better.

3) The pose tells a story and seems to catch them in-character. I don't find the gloves interesting enough to be the only thing in focus. One cosplyer's wig obscures his face in an annoying manner. The bokeh in the trees looks course, rather than the smooth look I like. The exposure looks too dark.

4) The low angle shows potential with a nice, blue sky contrasting with the orange costume, and the sword is shown nicely, but the shadows on her face are way too much.

5) The dark costume again blends too much with the dark trees. The over-all image looks too dark. There is a strange halo-like outline around the cosplayer's face and right hand.

I give you credit for having the courage to show your photos here for criticism. I hope our comments help you.

You claim to be a professional photographer, yet your photos look below the average amateur photographer, in my opinion. There are too many dramatic "errors" in exposure, composition, and lighting. What kind of photography do you do professionally?

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