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Name of Commissioner: NightLotus Cosplay
Website/ gallery:
Character commissioned and series/video game: Takeru 'TK' Takaishi from Digimon Adventure
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: To be posted
Timeline: Requested a quote in July, recieved the cosplay in October
Pros: Polite, easy to contact, communicated well, sent pictures upon request.
Cons: I was very disappointed when I finally tried my cosplay on. She didn't have time to make the shorts, so I offered to buy a pair of my own since they were simple khakis. She bought she shirt from American Eagle and altered it to look like TK's. It still rode too low and binding would have shown over the top of the v-neck. She attempted to seam-rip the logo off, but apparently failed and left a chunck of embroided red thread on there. There are several small holes where she seam-ripped the pocket off of the top. The shoes look alright, but I had a friend point out that the soles were dull, as though they had been worn several times prior to my recieveing them. The hat was not accurate at all. It was too tight to fit on my head and the gem was huge. It hardly matched any of the reference photos I had sent her in the beginning. I mentioned the hat as soon as I recieved the cosplay and only got an apology in response. When I finally tried the cosplay on, I emailed her requesting any sort of refund or to send what I had back to get altered. I didn't get any response.
Comments: The quote I recieved in the beginning was $160+ shipping for the "hat (with a resin-cast jewel), under shirt, vest, shorts, socks, and shoes". I paid the same amount for an altered American Eagle shirt, thrift store-purchased shoes, and a hat that didn't fit me. I was disappointed to compare what she had in her gallery to what I had recieved. I would not do business with her again, nor refer anyone looking for commissions to her.
Final Grade: D+
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