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Originally Posted by LockedxxHeart View Post
My Kanaya shirt from Topatco arrived today. Simply perfect, well worth the money I spent on it.
Also, for any ladies who might be purchasing a shirt from Topatco, definitely order up like it says! I usually wear a girl's Medium in shirts, and decided to order up like it said to in order to play it safe. And it fits just like my usual Medium t-shirts.
I think this mainly applies for the girl's shirts. Just thought I' share this info to anyone who is nervous about the sizing.
I've heard mixed reviews on Topatocos troll shirts and their stock photos aren't really all that reliable (the group photo of the shirts and the solo photos look different colours!) so this is really good to hear! I ordered a (mens) Sollux t-shirt and I was sort of worried about it even though one of my friends did buy the same one and I saw it IRL but still...

Kinda wondering if I should have bought one of the womens ones though because if it's like my Dave t-shirt in a mens size it'll probably drown me u__u but I don't want it to fit like a women's one because I'm crossplaying sooo yeah.
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