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I would like to Quote from :

Post from 08.02.12 :
I am sure that it is high time to place a disclaimer about last days charges which appeared there and on

I want to point out that i do not aprrove sloving cases in public - but i have to addopt to the situation.

At first i want to say thanks for cosplay community for your support.
Informations and words i have recived was very very helpful and they rised my spirits.

I think simple proof would finish all of this ridiculous slanders.
Becouse it was caused by some misunderstanding i would start with a little description of situation (and how i understand it):
(Package = package wthich contains commissioned costume)

Package destination is not exactly in US , but on one of US institution over the world. Delivering to right place on the world is one of the USPS function.
Yesterday it have reached USPS post - JAMAICA.

The customer and her friends have slandered me calling "lair" or "thief" and much more abuses. They ataccked me there and on it the same time when i was helpilng with this post problem via email.
(I have to clean page from more than 60 comments made only by 4 or 5 conetcted peoples!)
It was caused becouse package stoped in Jamica.

The "missing" package is on the way to customer. As a proof i am sharing a USPS package status:
<for the customer seciurity tracking is blured>
As i understand the USPS informations, Jamaica post institution it is a place from which package will be send to customer place.

I wish some other people would learn something form this case.
I also wish no more commissioners would take orders from people like this.
Package was delivered 14.02.12 (I have USPS proof of delivery)

And opened by customer paypal case (because of delivery) was not closed until 29.02.12

On 29.02.12 Jessica A. (customer, unfortunetly without account)
- changed reason of paypal case ("not compatible with description")
- Sent me messages about problems with costume.

I would like to quote there mail ( 31.01.12 - mail with tracking for package and final informations about costume)
At first please iron the costume. Do not use high-heat of your iron becouse in decorations was used kind of glue and hihgh-temperature would let parts move (cakes and lolipops!!!).
Some parts of costume are made with cuting and strengthening edges - sometimes snippets apears on this edges - please do not be worried! Just cut them of as near the edge as possible!
If you with costume or someting do not arrange/lie/<something elese > like it should - please contact me I know lot of tips how to fit costume perfectly of not-complicated reasons why something do not look like it should.
I would like to just add there pictures which i have sent to Jessica A. to solve her problems with costume.
+ informations we shared in emails

Jessica has never responded.
PayPal case was closed in favor of me.

I would also point out that Jessica A. (cutomer) was always communicative, unfortunetly actions made by people not involved in have made this communication very uneasy. I can not say anything bad about Jessica A.

I have received a lot of slanders/threats without a reason, even other of my customers was attacked by Jessica's "friends" (?).

I think that it is beneath the dignity.

And i take it as the end of this madness, and will never back to it once again.

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