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I can't help but agree to most of the stuff here as well for I too had my issue with a commissioner and the only thing I regret is not coming here to these kinds of threads to keep a lookout for people I should watch out for. I can't very well do much about my situation since mine happened years ago and I'm out of a good amount of money for props dealing with a commissioner and after learning what happened beforehand with others and the excuses the person gave, that just made me pissed to believe his word. For me, if I were to take a commission from someone, I rather meet them up front at a convention or something. That's how I got to know Athel so well and she's a wonderful commissioner that I'd gladly go back to.

As for places like cosplay-fu and cosplayhouse, I had no troubles with them and I can understand some people may have had bad experiences from them in the past but to each their own. I haven't gotten much of a bad cosplay from either of those places. Maybe a little tight around the waist since I tend to go by their size chart but other than that, nothing too over the top.
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