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Ok, fine. That's all well and good that you tried to help the situation and I know others getting on your case made it bad but as stated, the outfit suffered delays getting to its destination even with expedited shipping and it came out to look like how it was received. If she can get it fixed, she will but at this point, the outfit getting late to the con she needed it for and being in such a wreck compared to the pictures that you yourself took and posted, its pretty much a done deal. No outfit and no refund.

And your customers that has had good service from you isn't free of the slanders list either since they too slandered a country of people overall in retaliation for the posts from the others. And seeing as this is a review thread and not a debate thread over who is responsible for what during the entire case of the Pinkie Pie gala dress, any further questioning of your commission work is left between you and future customers and not through here.
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