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Originally Posted by laoni View Post
Finally! Some progress! XD

I've now finished the dress for Lute, I didn't have enough fabric to make the purple bits on the back as well, so I have to make do without them X_x And I haven't put on the hoops near the top of the straps yet. but other than that, the dress is now complete, as are the shoes. So, just gotta do the cape, and trim the wig, and I'll be all done!

A blurry pic of the dress

EDIT: And, so I'm not double posting~ The complete version! Even blurrier XD

I'm hoping to trim the wig within the next few days, hopefully today if I can manage it, but I'm really not feeling well after all the sewing I did yesterday @_@

Also! Finished my Lyndis Wig! YAAAY!

Currently planning for Ikki-con '11. Will prolly only go one day.

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