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Bruce Heinsius
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Your product shots are nice. The lighting and reflections have a professional quality. The backgrounds compliment the products very well, like the shiny, black table for the make up, and the wood table for the vegetables.

Cosplay photography can share some qualities of product photography. People usually want to see the costume well. Even faces are often important to show clearly, since that can be an important part of the "play" in cosplay.

The slow-shutter night photography is also very good. the starry lens flares on the street lights and car headlights are spectacular. The blue magic-hour sky, and the car lights streaking by make for a dynamic effect, but what are those blue lights streaking way above the cars?

It's hard for me to imagine that these were taken by the same photographer as your cosplay photos. When you avoid a lot of "classic rules" of photography you might create something brilliant and original, but you also might create something most people won't like.
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